Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2, week 2

Today was extraordinary. I have been debating a long time about the opening scene and I finally committed to doing what we call 'the taking down scene' as the opening. It is intense, rich... and dark, but sets the show up the right way... it is a tough way to start a show... but today my gut was lined up right and as hard as it is I know it is right... our prayers to start the day were gorgeous and I was scared at first... I was not sure about offering a long Baha'i prayer that felt very personal in this multi faith group, especially as the director - my fears of imposing, of 'colonialism' did not stop me though and I shared it anyway and we confirmed in our discussion that we all now feel safe enough to share in our OWN way- without feeling like we are imposing something on others... it has taken us some time to get to this point.

this clearly set the day up well and we were very productive conceptually and technically...

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