Saturday, March 26, 2011

another note to an female actor Mar 26/2011

redefine the feminine as powerful, athletic and energetic

don't buy the old fashioned unhealthy garbage about it

READ, read some feminist stuff, read some stories of female heroes, find some female mentors that are sexy women AND have powerful physical practices (most of the working actresses do by the way! They have to!)

Read theatre, read plays by women, read novels by women, take yourself into other cultural physical environments...

take yourself into areas you may not usually go...
Indian dance, (even just a few classes), Chinese acrobatics, Hindu street festivals, latin music clubs... change up the rhythms you listen to

take a week and only listen to music that is new to you and if you start listening to something and you don't like it

and have some fun... in the woods, in water... let nature nurture and teach you

slow down sometimes and just be... don't move all the time
find the movement that is so deep and profound in stillness

notes to an actor Mar 26th/2011

A student asked me some things she can do over the summer:

-yoga classes or walking in which you are actively work on awareness work without worrying about emotional connection (relates to the awareness work in the emotional connection work I teach)

- as you are reading plays and playing with possible monologues for Theatre Ontario, play with character bodies, animals you can research... in fact
go to some zoos and really study some animals that you feel could stretch your range/and or serve your hit

-play with gesture... get to know your own, copy your parents, go for walks or go to parties and watch gestures... give yourself a goal to come home with 10 gestures that you can copy

-do some emotional culture homework... how do your parents handle anger? tears? joy? get what they want?
what does this tell you about yourself? your brothers? Your more distant relatives? any mentors/guardians in your life? people you grew up emulating?

-watch movies intelligently- watch several movies with the same actor - what character body choices did they make? how much did they rely on costume? accent? text? time period? status? watch a movie MANY TIMES... stop it at certain moments, rewind and watch a section again and again