Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So the show had 4 sold out performances, very warm response from the audiences, many people sharing that it moved them viscerally and that the images stayed with them as well as the sounds. There were also people completely lost! Paula Citroen in The Globe and Mail trashed it! (As I predicted she would.)

It is saddening to me that the reviewer could not see or did not chose to point out, that this piece was an extraordinarily ambitious and new experiment. That doing a new version of a well known established play, can get easily well reviewed- but when contemporary work steps out into new territory- it is reviewed with the same criteria- I guess this is not a new phenomenon.

I think this was more of an experience than something to be 'watched'. If the observer allowed themselves to relax into it- they were moved... and if they did not... they watched it from the outside... and from that perspective, the experience would have been very different.

I have learned more from this than I can even begin to understand... it will take me years to process.

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