Tuesday, April 12, 2011

notes to a young solo show creator Apr 2011

-personalize the writing... politics don't enter people, someone TOUCHED by something real and painful does
-don't preach at us... we will shut down... get us to join you in something you care about and assume we also care about it
BUT - this is important- first we have to care about you (the character)
and than means specific details that are idiosyncratic not general

- the audience are all people affected by the illness you are addressing... in some way

ask these questions:
1) what are you healing in yourself with this piece?
2) find one other real person you care about who is dealing with the same issue TALK TO THEM AT LENGTH
3) who is the group suffering from this? Then there must be books- read them
4) how does this affect everyone (The children of, mothers of siblings of, friends of... and voila you have everyone...

NO ONE is outside any issue worth address ing on stage... if they are you make it a freak show and it loses universality

be brave PERSONALLY and then we will trust you politically...

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